IT leaders face new challenges every day – from managing user requirements and operational needs to the burden of IT compliance. Developing a strong IT general controls environment can help your IT shop deliver services with quality, but there is overhead associated with these controls. What if you could enhance the quality of your control processes and reduce the amount of overhead on your staff at the same time?

Working with IT Compliance Experts (, we've refined many of these cumbersome processes and integrated them into a preconfigured version of iService. Based on years of experience performing IT general controls and compliance audits, the IT Compliance Edition incorporates key areas that consume IT resources and are well-suited for automation.

Features, White Papers, and Demonstrations

The iService IT Compliance solution includes the following features:

Document key control points for application development

You can use iService to manage the software development and maintenance process, obtaining authorizations throughout the development lifecycle. Since iService is built upon an email management application, you can leverage email for approvals (request, user acceptance testing, etc.) with minimal end-user push-back.

Document key operational events

Operational events, such as backup completion, can be configured to generate iService tickets directly or via email. These tickets can be quickly resolved and provide an audit trail for your IT compliance process.

Automate security event management

Through integration with monitoring software (e.g., EventSentry), tickets can be automatically created in iService for important security events. These events can trigger staff notifications, and pre-written follow up responses are available for documenting your resolution.

Archive all control activities within a single system

All activities, including all email correspondence, are archived within the iService database for compliance purposes.

Download the best practices guide

The IT Compliance Best Practices Guide

The IT Compliance Best Practices Guide describes ways to streamline your IT Compliance processes based upon years of IT audit experience. This best practices guide was developed by IT Compliance Experts, a division of One-to-One, Inc.

The iCentives Datasheet
Download the white paper

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Best Practices

This white paper explains in detail how to implement an event monitoring solution, and includes detailed analysis of key Windows event logs.

iService - EventSentry Integration Overview

This overview video explains how iService has been integrated with EventSentry to provide a complete incident to resolution system.

Automating The User Provisioning Process With iService and EventSentry

Watch this video to learn how Service and EventSentry integration can automate the user provisioning process to streamline your workflow while ensuring compliance.


Monitoring Changes to Important Files

This video shows how you can automate the monitoring of important files to improve security and enhance your IT compliance