There are many eCRM products on the market today, but very few of them are actually designed to support the needs of service providers. iService was specifically built for the needs of service providers that want to deliver an on-Demand eCRM solution.

True Multi-Tenant Architecture

The iService application was designed specifically to support multiple tenants using a single installation of the software and separate database for each tenant. As a result, the hosting company can add new tenants (clients) in a matter of seconds through the Tenant Management application. The system allows each tenant to customize their site with a unique style sheet (.css), while maintaining a single web site. Systems that were not designed from the ground up to be truly multi-tenant typically require the hosting company to use multiple copies of the software, which makes ongoing maintenance difficult and expensive.

Web-based Application using Latest Technologies

iService provides a web-interface for all aspects of administration and usage, and was designed to be delivered using a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. The application is built on the Microsoft .NET framework using C# web services, ASP.NET and AJAX along with a SQL Server 2005 database. Since all session information is stored within the database, the application can be easily scaled (including clustering the web servers and database servers).

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

We built iService using a SOA approach so that it can be easily integrated with other applications. This provides you additional service opportunities for integration with other client systems. And, you can easily extend the iService functionality into other aspects of your operational support systems.

Various OEM Opportunities

Your organization can OEM the iService product and operate it within your own datacenters using your own brand name. Or, we can provide the hosting environment via one of our partners and you simply deliver the service to your existing customers.