Putting You In Control Of Your Content

One of the features our customers enjoy with iService is the ability to directly edit the content of their FAQs without the need for IT or web developer intervention. But what about the rest of your website? Wouldn't it be great if you had the same level of control over your website content?

Dot Net Nuke, the leading content management system for the Microsoft platform, gives you this level of control. And, when combined with your iService On Demand service you can have it hosted and managed by a team you can depend on to keep it running reliably. 

Advanced Web Content Management

DotNetNuke delivers a powerful content management solution with an intuitive, easily understood interface designed for non-technical content contributors. It includes a  powerful suite of applications for a wide variety of web development needs. You can also choose from thousands of additional apps which can be easily installed through a direct connection to the DotNetNuke Store and DotNetNuke Extensions Forge.

Granular Access Control and Content Approval

DotNetNuke provides security roles, a granular permission solution and content approval workflows that lets you control who can view, edit and publish content on your site. It also includes powerful features to monitor the health of your site, detect changes to your source code, and allows you to easily rollback changes to prior versions.

Simplify iService Integration

iService forms can be easily dropped into DotNetNuke "containers" that can be placed anywhere on a page. These containers can be reused on other pages making it easy to improve the interactivity of your website with iService. You can see an example of this within the footer of our corporate website below.

Like all of the products we recommend, we use Dot Net Nuke ourselves and can share our wealth of experience with you.

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