Customer Feedback App

It's important to listen to your customers, and now iService feedback makes it easy to capture their input on your support process. This new enhancement leverages the power of iService forms, interaction properties, and stock responses with variables to create a simple but effective feedback process.

The zip file includes the form body HTML and action details, a sample stock response template, and details on the interaction properties used. This app uses an existing set of iService reports that provide insight into your ratings.

Download the Feedback App

Popup Live Chat Form

This is a copy of the same chat form used on our corporate website (click Live Chat in the header of this page to see it live). It includes a pre-chat survey that allows the website visitor to select their topic, and presents an offline Ask a Question form if no agents are available.

The form can be easily customized with your own logo, and can be extended to include other information such as links to other pages of your website.

Download the popup customer chat form.

Embedded Contact Us Form

Mini Contact Us FormEmbedding mini contact forms within your website is a great way to capture leads and interact with your website visitors. A small iService contact form that uses placeholder tags instead of field labels allows you to embed a mini form in a variety of places throughout your website.

This example uses a JQuery Plugin to provide placeholder support for older browsers. It uses a Create Contact and Create Ask a Question action, but can also be used in conjunction with a Create Chat action if your site uses iService Live Chat.

If you are using iService for mass mailing, you can easily convert this form to add the submitter to an iService mailing list.

Download the Mini Contact Form App.

Mini Newsletter Subscription Form

Building your mailing list is the key to an effective online email marketing strategy. It's important to make it easy for your website visitors to get onto your list, and a mini newsletter subscription form is ideal for this task.

This form example uses the HTML placeholder tag to keep the form small and narrow. The example includes a JQuery plugin to support older browsers.

Download the Mini Newsletter Subscription form.