iService Email Management System Implemented for Reverse Fulfillment for National Digital TV Provider


The iService customer interaction solution has been recently deployed by a national digital TV provider to automate reverse fulfillment services.

February 29, 2012 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Champaign, IL –

Most organizations have a wealth of information in various databases, such as billing or fulfillment systems. But those systems usually lack the ability to leverage that information for customer interaction purposes. For example, executing targeted email marketing campaigns or sending customized notices via email.

One company, OnProcess Technology, Inc. (http://www.onprocess.com), helps their clients streamline service and supply chain processes by finding and deploying the latest technologies.

One of their clients, a national provider of digital TV and Internet services, had a problem that's common for companies that provide on-premise equipment to consumers: retrieving their equipment at the end of the contract.

At the end of their contract, customers are required to take their equipment to a UPS store and return it to avoid a charge. "We needed a communication channel where we could effectively contact customers and provide a low effort solution to complete an advanced exchange of their OEM owned equipment", said Matthew Rice, Business Line Director at OnProcess. "We needed a cost effective way automate this communication, but most of the email marketing platforms that we looked at didn't have the flexibility we needed. We reached out to one of our partners, One-to-One Service.com, to deploy an innovative email-based solution for automating this process using their iService customer interaction solution."

iService is used by a number of Fortune 500 companies to manage email response, but OnProcess saw a unique opportunity to utilize the service to automate a crucial fulfillment task. iService includes a set of utilities that canread a file of data and use the input to perform a variety of functions, including generating customized email messages. The inbound email management capabilities added value to the process, but the iService utilities for processing batch files was unique and allowed OnProcess to automate high volume electronic communications.

Each day OnProcess generated a CSV file from their internal CRM which included details about customers with equipment that needed to be returned. The iService batch utility processed this file and generated nicely formatted messages to each customer that included a barcode image containing customer account and product serial number information to assist the customer with the return of their equipment.

iService recorded every interaction in the customer's history, and customer replies were easily managed using the iService email response management features. The result was an efficient process for the provider, and a convenient way for the consumer to get their equipment returned.

"One of the more powerful aspects of the batch utility is its ability to be run at the DOS command line without the graphical user interface," said Scott Whitsitt, Founder and CEO of One-to-One Service.com.

"In this mode, you can automate the processing of files using the Windows task scheduler or any utility that can run a batch file. You simply have your operational system generate a file and place it into a directory, and iService handles the rest. The iService batch utility makes it easy to integrate iService with other operational support systems and leverage all of that information for various types of customer interactions."


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