iService Mobile

Deliver support to your customers on their mobile devices with an iService Mobile Support Portal. You can leverage your existing iService tenant configuration with no impact on agents, but a definite impact on your customer's convenience.


Support Your Customer On Any Device

Your customers expect support when and where they need it. With iService mobile support portals, you can meet their needs with a single support system that is published in any format desired.

Using iService Forms, you can provide web self-service, contact forms, email list management, and other features of iService on any desired platform. Since all of today's mobile devices support a web browser, you can build a single web-based mobile support portal and customers can access it from any modern mobile device, including tablets. Or, you an build your web portal and then publish it as an iOS or Android app using any of the standard tools for generating mobile apps.

You can see an example application built as a responsive website that supports both desktop and mobile users at