iService Chat

With iService Chat, you get a completely integrated solution for all of your customer support needs. Agents can handle email, chat, or phone support depending upon their skills and your needs. And all of your interactions can be managed in one place.


Core Feature, Not An Add-On

If you provide support to your customers across a variety of channels, such as telephone, email, and live chat, then iService Chat is the perfect solution. There are plenty of inexpensive chat solutions that will allow you get a button on your website and begin chatting with customers. But, you will quickly discover that having separate tools for email response, customer history, outbound email, chat, etc. does not scale very well. With iService, you can incorporate all aspect of your customer support and marketing needs into a single implementation.

iService Chat was built by One-to-One as an integral component of the overall iService solution. It leverages the same skill-based routing, interaction history, and access rights management as all other iService components. This greatly simplifies deployment because there is no additional setup required other than deploying a customer chat form.

Intuitive Agent User Interface

The agent chat user interface is integrated with all iService pages so agents can continue to use the iService application while chatting.


Real-time Insight for Managers

iService Chat allows managers to view ongoing chats in real-time, similar to monitoring telephone calls within your contact center. If needed, managers can take over chats, end them if they are abusive, and take a variety of other actions.