Knowledge Base

Customer self-service is good for your customers, and it's good for you. With the iService web self-service solution you can reduce the number of incoming inquiries, while simultaneously improving your customer's service experience.

Help Your Customers Help Themselves

The iService Find Answers portal provides an easy to use interface for creating and managing content that frees you from your IT staff that manages your website content. No HTML coding knowledge is necessary, and the intuitive web-based interface is available wherever you have a browser and an internet connection. If you're using iService email response, the knowledge base leverages the question taxonomy you create for your message queues. This proven method for categorizing content helps your agents and customers find their answers with minimal effort.

Simple and Intuitive Interface

The most sophisticated applications are useless if not adopted by your team. The iService interface is so intuitive that you'll be generating relevant content in minutes. Simply find the appropriate topic, create a new article, and edit its content. You can even drag and drop images into your articles without the need for uploading images to a web server.

Display Content Based on User Rights

Not all content is created equal. Some of your content will be relevant only to agents, while other information will be pushed out to the public. iService allows you to keep entire topics private, or to restrict access to specific content within public topics.

Browse or Search For Answers

Searching for content is useful, but often times the knowledge built into your categorization is all that's needed. The iService Find Answers portal leverages both techniques to ensure your users find what they need.

Full Subscription Management

Your users can subscribe to articles within the knowledge base and receive updates when new information is available. Do you have issues from time to time that customer want to be informed about? Create a KB article and allow your customers to subscribe. As soon as an update is available they can all be instantly notified.

Easily Customizable with CSS or iService Forms

You can easily customize your knowledge base to match your brand. Simple changes can be made to the color scheme, logo, and columns displayed by updating the standard Cascading Style Sheet. Or, you can create a completely customized version using iService forms with any desired HTML mark-up as shown in this example.

Using iService forms you can create different presentations of your content to match any audience or platform. For example, combine iService FAQ forms with JQuery Mobile and make a complete mobile solution for your web visitors.