Integrated Forms

iService Forms allow you to create custom interfaces for interacting with your iService tenant. Generate feedback forms tied to agent responses, display customized FAQs, capture customer questions with additional detail, and much more.


iService Forms Simplify Website Integration

With iService forms you can quickly create custom Web applications that interact with your iService tenant. You can create feedback forms linked to agent responses, mailing list subscription forms to create and subscribe users, or detailed question forms that capture contact properties as well as the question.

In addition to submitting information to your iService database, you can publish most of the information from your iService tenant using forms. Forms applications are built using standard HTML and javascript, giving you unlimited flexibility for your projects.

Combine Forms With iService Utilities

The iService batch utility can process any CSV file and automate the posting to forms. Whether you need to import contacts, send out collection letters, or synchronize iService contact properties with your other systems, forms make the process super simple.

Read about how one company automated a key business process using iService forms and it's utilities.

Want More Detail? Check Out The Forms Developer User Guide

Our extensive support website includes user guides for all iService components. If you want to take a deeper dive into the capabilities of iService Forms, check out the Forms Developer User Guide.