How well do you interact?

Your customers expect quick answers to their questions and need access to information 24x7. Most consumers expect a response to their inquiries within a  few hours and want the ability to perform self-service when it fits their schedule. Traditional FAQs fall short of customer expectations because they become out of date shortly after they're published.

If your organization fits the profile below, you need iService.

  • You receive email inquiries at generic addresses, such as
  • More than one person needs to respond to customer email, and you have no automated process for routing inquiries to staff.
  • Using pre-written response templates for customer inquiries would make you more efficient.
  • You don't have a central archive of customer interaction history that includes email and telephone conversations.
  • You use more than one system to manage customer information, self-help, trouble tickets, and email routing.
  • You don't have a way to review agent emails before they go out to the customer to ensure consistency and accuracy of responses.
  • You are not sure how many emails are being handled by your contact center, OR you have no immediate reporting mechanism to provide management reports.
  • Your current system does not allow you to set email response service levels based on topic, or, by keywords in the email address, subject line, or body of the message.
  • Your FAQs can't be updated without the help of IT staff or web developers.
  • Your customers would benefit from a support portal where they could ask questions, check answers, and manage their contact information.
  • Your organization would benefit from an easy to use and web accessible contact management system.