Email Response

If you do business online you know responding to email is key to customer loyalty. iService provides a web-based email response management solution designed to handle a large volume of incoming email and maximize the productivity of your team. For over 15 years, we've been helping organizations from Fortune 50 to start-ups tame the email response process with our industry leading solution, iService.

Powerful Message Filtering

iService provides a powerful filtering capability that allows you to automate most of your common tasks. For example, if you have VIP customers that require a higher service level, iService can identify these customers. With access to all aspects of the customer inquiry, including the contact's extended user profile. This allows you to take an unlimited number of actions based on the content of the message, or information known about the contact themselves. And the actions available go far beyond simply determining a message queue or sending an automated response. The iService filtering capabilities allow you to develop completely automated workflows.

Intuitive User Interface Reduces Learning Curve

The iService email response user interface is designed similar to web-based email services. This makes it very intuitive for your agents so they can be responding to inquiries within minutes with limited training. Support reps simply click one button, and iService determines the appropriate message and handles the assignment process. If your team can use email, they can use iService with limited training. The intuitive design allows you to provide extensive productivity tools, like stock responses, while keeping things simple for users.

Enterprise Features Like Multiple Business Segments

The iService architecture supports both multi-tenant and multiple business units within an organization. The multi-tenant capabilities allow you to operate completely independent databases managed from within a single administrative console. This provides a unique opportunities for companies with a desire to enter the Software-as-a-Service market using iService to develop new markets. The multiple business unit capabilities all a single tenant to support multiple lines of business, each with their own unique configuration. And, all tenants and business units can be separately branded with their own customer CSS style sheet.

Highly Scalable

iService is built on industry standard technologies proven to scale for the largest enterprises. If you have hundreds or thousands of users, we're one of the few realistic choices available.

But it's not the technology that makes an application enterprise capable: its the design and user interface. With the ability to operate multiple business units with their own unique configuration, skills-based routing to manage thousands of incoming questions per day, and extensive integration and customization options, iService is adaptable to the needs of even the largest organizations.

Extensive Productivity Tools

iService productivity tools, such as single click responses and the ability to use message variables, significantly improve agent productivity. Templates ensure that all of your corporate correspondence has consistent branding, polite closings, and other aspects that reflect the professional image necessary for building customer loyalty.

Using filters to pre-process incoming messages and sophisticated routing techniques, your team can focus on providing the best service possible rather than babysitting message queues and manually assigning questions to staff. iService alerts take this a step further by continuously monitoring your queues and taking automated actions, such as re-queuing message or notifying managers about unresolved requests.

Secure Messaging and Encryption

Email is the preferred method for many of your customers to interact with you. But if they need to communicate sensitive or confidential information, the insecure nature of email exposes you to a variety of risks. iService provides a secure messaging solution with preconfigured templates ready to use out of the box. The secure messaging capabilities of iService, combined with predefined content and workflows, make it easy to implement. Your customers access a secure portal for submitting questions and receiving answers that utilizes 256-bit encryption.