Email Marketing

The iService® CRM system includes a complete email marketing capability, iCentives®. Combining powerful email response capabilities with sophisticated outbound campaigns will dramatically improve the results of your marketing and sales efforts.

Fulfill Your Communication Strategy With A Fully Integrated Outbound Solution

iCentives® leverages the power of the iService email management capabilities to provide an integrated and robust email marketing solution. This integration allows you to go beyond the point solutions typically used for sending outbound emails. With iCentives, you can manage all aspects of your communication strategy from a single platform.

The email response and integrated forms capabilities of iService allow you to create complete workflows for handling the various calls to action within your email campaigns. Combining the powerful iService email response capabilities with sophisticated outbound campaigns will dramatically improve results of your marketing and sales efforts.

Powerful Tools For Managing List Membership

Easily build your lists using the standard iService contact search capabilities. Need to send an update to current customers? Simply create a customer mailing list and add all your contacts of the type "customer". Every contact property within your iService database is available to help you fine tune your list membership.

List management is fully automated with single click "unsubscribe" links plus a built-in subscription management page in the customer portal. Using iService forms, you can fully customize the user experience with any design desired.

Detailed Metrics Provide Marketing Intelligence

You can easily track clickthroughs, message views, unsubscribes and other aspects of each mailing. iService Business Intelligence provides an extensive set of reports with the ability to drill down into details about how each recipient interacted with your message.

Integrated Email Response Tools

Message Queue - Manage MessagesThere's an old saying within business development that time kills deals. High volume outbound email campaigns can generate a large increase in the number of inbound message, and in most cases this type of customer engagement is exactly what you want. But without the proper tools to respond to these inquiries your delay  can risk losing valuable sales opportunities.

iService includes a powerful inbound email management platform that automatically categorizes, auto responds, and routes inquiries to the appropriate team member. With its powerful filtering, service level management, and monitoring features you can be sure that every inquiry is given the right priority and a timely response . 

Want More? Check Out The User Guide

The iCentives User Guide provides detailed instructions for using the email marketing features of iService. This user guide assumes the reader has basic knowledge of the iService application, but provides detailed examples of functionality.