Contact Management 

iService provides a complete, easy to customize system for managing all of your customer information. The intuitive web-based interface provides your entire team secure and encrypted access from any browser with an internet connection.

Unlimited Custom Contact Fields

Add additional information to your contact view, such as customer account numbers or sales stage for prospects. iService is uniquely designed to allow you to create an unlimited number of fields, and utilities can automate the synchronization of data with other operational support systems.

Capture Notes, Create Tickets, and Send Direct Email

Capture and View Call Notes

Add call notes to track your conversations and ensure other members of your team have access to the latest information. Make your notes public so your customers can see their history, or private to limit views to your internal team.

Send Email From Within Contact Management

Allow your team to send outbound emails from the system that are tracked as a part of the contact's permanent interaction history. Satisfy regulatory requirements by retaining all of this history as required by various laws. While email is often the preferred communication channel for customers, it is insecure and not appropriate for confidential data. The iService secure message option allows you to communicate sensitive and confidential information through its convenient message portal and does not require any special software for your customers or agents.

Create Tickets and Work orders

When combined with the iService message queue, the ability to create tickets will help ensure your customer requests never slip through the cracks. Tickets can be generated by agents that handle phone calls and routed to the appropriate team using the sophisticated skills-based routing capabilities of iService.

Powerful Contact Search

Search for contacts on any field within the database, including all custom fields. The advanced search features allows you to build and save queries for common searches improving productivity.

With iService you can extend your view of contacts with an unlimited number of custom fields. And, you can control access to any of this data to ensure compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI and Sarbanes-Oxley. As with all iService components, the service-oriented architecture and full set of utilities makes it easy to integrate with other systems ensuring your information is always up to date.

View Complete History of Interactions

Every interaction with your contacts can now be viewed across the enterprise, and controlled as necessary based on required access restrictions. iService provides a complete view of your interactions regardless of whether the contact happens over the phone or via email.