Business Intelligence

iService Business Intelligence provides detailed metrics for all aspects of the iService solution. Reports can be generated and viewed in your web browser, or converted to Microsoft Excel, PDF, XML or CSV format. Built on the industry standard Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS), the interface includes an extensive set of features.

All The Right Answers

iService includes more than 50 reports that cover all aspects of your customer interaction process, including detailed marketing intelligence for your email campaigns and sales management reports. And since the iService reporting solution has access to all aspects of your iService database, there is no limit to the type of information that can be captured and analyzed.


Ad Hoc or Scheduled Reports

iService reports can be run as-needed or scheduled to run automatically based on a schedule that is convenient for you. The scheduled reports can be delivered as a PDF, Excel file, .csv file, web page, or XML file directly to your inbox or into a network folder for access by several people.

With subscriptions, you can even output reports into a CSV format so other processes can access them automatically using utilities such as Windows Scheduled Tasks. This provides a very simple process for integrating iService with your other operational support systems, such as workforce management systems.

Drill Through Reports For Insight

Many of the reports allow you to drill-through information from one report directly into another report. For example, your Agent Response Time Report might reveal an agent with an exceptionally high average response time for messages. You can drill down into the detail for that agent to see the time splits by queue. And you can further drill down into the queue that threw off the averages to see the individual messages and find the exact message that caused the problem.

This type of interactive analysis provides business intelligence that is hard to find in other reporting solutions. And, if you are manually calculating response times without and email response management system like iService, you will simply never gain this type of insight.

Export to Multiple Formats

All reports can be exported to or delivered in XML, CSV, TIFF image, Acrobat PDF, web archive, Word or Excel format. This provides the flexibility needed to perform additional analysis or integrate with other operational support systems.

Get The Full User Guide

For a complete listing and description of iService reports, check out the online user guide at User guides are available for all aspects of the iService solution in a variety of formats.