At One-to-One we live by a set of core values that comprise the very fabric of our business. We strive to adhere to these values with every customer interaction.

Service to customers, above all else

We're in the business of helping companies provide world-class service and improve customer loyalty. We must walk the talk ourselves. If a customer needs help, we will do whatever it takes to ensure they get what they need. If this means connecting a debugger to their local environment, setting up a packet analyzer to review network traffic, or making a custom build in the middle of the night, we'll do it.

Take care of our people, they take care of our customers

We know that happy employees are dedicated and provide good service. By following our core values on a day-to-day basis, we have built a team that is motivated and eager about their mission.

Focus on what we do best

From its inception, One-to-One has focused on leveraging the Internet to improve the customer interaction process. Our solutions are completely web-based with an emphasis on allowing people to use email extensively in their interactions and workflows.

Golden rule

We all learned this as kids but need to practice it as adults and business people. We know that when we treat customers right, they do the same for us.

Integrity & honesty
Business is a series of promises. We only make promises we know we can keep, and we keep the promises we make.