iService Release Update - 2017.05.22 (version 7.6)

Posted on 5/22/2017 by Landlord Administrator in features release notes

We've been working on this release for what seems like ages, but it's now stable and looking really good. We're almost done replacing the old .NET pages with new iService Form pages. This release took a big step forward in that regard by replacing all the Customer Info pages with new forms that have a new responsive design.

Release 7.6


New Features

Customer Info 

  • The old .Net customer info section has been replaced with new pages built using Angular JS and iService Forms variables and actions. We've introduced a new design theme that uses more icons, reduces the number of tabs, and is responsive. 
  • We created a new contact search form action for the search page, and it can be used in other forms where you need to generate lists of contacts.
  • The search results can be customized to display any contact property.
  • The Contact Summary page is based on a new built-in form and can be customized for your needs. It now displays details about the last interaction with the customer and a summary of all unanswered questions

Message Queue

  • The Manage Chats page has been replaced with two new tabs: Active Chats and Logged in Agents. They provide a real-time view of chat agent status and chat queues. Managers can now end an abusive chat from the Active Chats page.
  • The built-in customer chat form is now responsive for mobile users.
  • You can now search interactions using attachment names or the ID of a contact (in addition to a contact's login).
  • We simplified the stock response picker by removing the option to insert a variable. Just click the name of the response to add it to your message. 
  • The layout of the My Queue page was updated with additional empty DIVs to make it easier to customize.
  • Select menus that often have long lists (forward to agent, forward to segment, pick FROM mailbox, etc.) were updated with a new search and auto complete function.
  • The Manage Message page and search results now include a button to show the full thread for any message.
  • Required interaction properties are only enforced when you resolve a message. Previously you were required to enter a value when changing the topic, forwarding to an agent, etc.

Other Features

  • We now support OpenID, so your users can connect a Google or Microsoft account to their iService login. Both Google and Microsoft follow best practices for authenticating users and keeping their login safe, and using a single sign on approach improves security. 
  • A new Response Time report replaces multiple reports and shows a break down of the life of a message (time to first assignment, time to final assignment, time from assignment to resolution, total time to resolve). You can either group by Agent or by Topic.
  • The Customer Interaction by Type report now includes the option to select specific contact types to return results for.


Bug Fixes

  • The indentation of quoted text got ridiculously large in the rich text editor when there were many back and forth messages. That's fixed now.
  • Some malformed messages failed processing and did not get into the iService database. We added a new process that retries them, and it appears to have fixed that issue.
  • Questions forwarded to another segment were using the original segment's mailbox on replies. This was changed to ensure the reply uses a mailbox from the new segment.
  • There was some funny behavior with IE that made it impossible to edit the subject or body in certain scenarios. That's fixed now.
  • We removed the logout function from the remaining .NET pages to fix a logout out issue with new forms. Most users will not miss the logout button because it's in the Find Answers and Admin Tools pages. Users need to logout from Customer Info, Message Queue, or the home page.
  • Agents now load A-Z instead of Z-A in the Agent Admin page.
  • You used to get a crash when deleting an interaction property tied to a topic or service level. It's fixed now.
  • You used to get a crash when deleting a contact property used in a service level. Fixed it.
  • Deleting a skill used on a topic caused a crash. It works now.
  • Agent Interactions by Type report will now show results for former agents, even if they are not currently an agent in iService. 
  • Time of Day by Date Range report sometimes returned incorrect results if selecting by hourly increments. 
  • Topic Summary by Type report now sorts alphabetically.