iService Gets Social with Mann's Bait

Posted on 2/14/2012 by Landlord Administrator in Integration social media facebook faqs

Mann's Bait Company had a loyal customer base and a product well-suited for building a social media following. They launched their Facebook fan page with very little promotion and quickly developed a small but loyal following of a few hundred fans.

But keeping up with comments was a challenge. As a small business without a dedicated social media or online marketing department, they didn't have the staff or time to constantly monitor the fan page for comments. Yet they understood that being responsive is a major factor for a successful social media campaign.

That's where iService was able to help. Mann's Bait was already using iService to provide FAQ information to their website visitors, handle customer inquiries, and manage outbound e-mail campaigns. Leveraging iService to streamline social media interactions was a natural fit, and promoting the page as part of the ongoing email communication with iService was simple.

Now, when notifications from the Mann's Bait Company Facebook fan page are received by iService, filters separate the notices into categories based upon the type of response that is needed. For instance, birthday notices can be acted upon in a day or so while product questions are handled right away.

Through a combination of promotion with iService e-mail campaigns and engaging Facebook fans in timely dialogue, the Mann's Bait fan page has grown by over 300% in three months. Interactivity, measured as interactions per thousand fans, is among the highest within its category of fishing lure companies.

The wonderful thing about the Mann's Bait Facebook fan page is that it's mostly self supported. Fans love to share pictures of the fish they've hooked with a Mann's lure. And by filtering out notifications that don't need an immediate response, even a small business like Mann's Bait can keep their customer relationships strong through social media.

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